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They want to catch up the love of those young girls

It’s clear that there are not enough beautiful princes for all the girls. Girls usually develop a little faster than boys. The peers of beautiful young girls are not all suitable for the role of the perfect Prince on a white horse. They usually still have to learn a lot and to mature for a long time, before they will be able to support a family and children. These young people do not feel confident of themselves, they are little erudite, not able to care for their girls. In the end, they often just don't have money to treat a girl or buy her a gift. In addition, often, the girls are simply not interested in these guys, it is scarcely to expect to hear from them an unusual opinion or an entertaining story. They had still never managed to make anything interesting and important in their lives. Moreover, there is no way to hope to get from these young people a financial support. Over time, when young men do achieve material success, it turns out that they are already about forty. They want to catch up the love of those young girls that they could not get from in their younger years. You should agree, it wouldn’t be very fair to call them lustful mature libertines.

Do not they deserve a reward in return?

Now think yourselves, whether it is possible to call the lustful libertines men that are more older yet? The people with aggressive frame of mind as well as those who are skeptical about the sexual relations of sugar daddies and sugar babies, are sure they indeed are libertines. But we must have more human point of view and try to understand also those older men. They have spent many years in a hard struggle for accumulating their capital, they feel their approaching aging and anticipating an imminent death. In this age people are especially acutely aware of their helplessness and, at the same time, experiencing a strong desire to be able still to get what they hadn't got in the process of the endless grueling race for material wealth. Awareness of female beauty and transience of happiness are felt in elderly and senile age very strongly, much stronger than in the younger years, when a young man thinks that everything seems still to come in the future and will be in a proper time. I wouldn't glue offensive shortcuts upon the elderly people and to look at them like some insatiable villains seeking to harm young girls, humiliate their dignity and take advantage of their beautiful young body exclusively out of lecherous intentions. I am sure that the vast majority of those men truly love sweet children and sincerely try to help them. Do not they deserve a reward in return? It should also be noted that they are usually able to give the highest financial compensation for their sexual joys.

There is no sense to limit the opportunity for those girls

With regard to girls, it is to say that, generally, they seem to feel little interest for their peers, they do not feel confident with them. They are interested in more self-confident mature men. It is a natural instinctive female attraction to such older people, who can share not only much-needed money, but also life experience, interesting relationships in the society, home comfort. Older men are not only able to open to a young girl what is not available for her, but also to help make a career. In addition, they are still remaining men, though not young yet. For girls who have a natural attraction to men and curiosity in learning many various aspects of life, it would be just silly and pointless to miss those opportunities which are available in the process of communication with elderly men. It may be interesting, funny and harmless, after all! So we can safely argue to the supporters of Puritan and Patriarchal sexual relations, that it is not necessary to imagine a young girl solely as victims of brutal lusty elderly tyrants. There is no sense to try to limit the opportunity for those girls. Eventually, in the modern world one cannot live by the rules and restrictions adopted in the middle ages.

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