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Relations between sugar daddies and babies is a discussed and controversial topic

In blogs nowadays, the theme of sugar daddies and sugar babies is one of the important, discussed and controversial. Much controversy arises over the question of the ethics of the sexual relations between sugar daddies and sugar babies (read: 'Daddies Date Babies' Asks: Who’s Your Sugar Daddy? by Abigail Jones). Many followers of the Puritan rules in relations between sexes fervently condemn relations of sugar daddies and sugar babies and consider them even an implicit form of prostitution. The defenders of this point of view are upset about the poor young and defenseless girls who are forced to sell their purity and youth for the damn dirty money which they have to pay for education in prestigious universities and colleges, entering into unworthy sexual relationships with lustful older men. It seems like those angry protests are directed not so much against the Western morality as against the whole system of capitalist social relations which are burdening young people with money debt in the process of their education and profession obtaining, before they would be able to earn anything by means of their honest and decent work. May be they are right in their criticism, but the social system correction is a very complicated matter, whereas addressing the money problems just cannot be delayed.

Principal motive of search is to find a person for mutual sympathy and true love

Currently on the Internet you can notice that there is a stereotype, according to which a sugar daddy (or mommy) is always very rich and very elderly people, and sugar babies are very young and helpless girls and boys in need of material support. On our site sugar daddies are not always elderly people looking for a fine entertainment, and sugar babies are not always interested only in getting financial support. On our website there are many young and successful men who earn good money in the spheres of high technologies and management. In addition, there are many young and successful women for whom to receive a financial support is not the most important matter, whilst they are trying to find on a dating site a handsome man which is fit for long-term love relationships. Undoubtedly, in most cases, the principal motive for such searches in the net is the desire to find a person that causes genuine interest, mutual sympathy and, of course, true love.

Objections to the critisism

In the previous paper it was said about a controversy of concepts when dicussing relations between sugar daddies and sugar babies. There exists a strong criticism of such a kind of relations. There are people who quite reasonably object to the critisism. First of all, no one can force sugar babies to enter into such relationships. In principle, they have other ways to earn money, or they should be able to restrict their needs. In fact, no human personality can be fully formed without overcoming some life difficulties related, in particular, with shortage of money. On the other hand, life is extremely complex and multifaceted, so one shouldn’t see it exclusively in black and white colors. There are a myriad of tiny shades. As an example of quite a serious scientific approach to the problem of sexual relations, I would like to quote the opinion of a very estimable Mr. Michael Donelan's from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Sex has always been transactional to some extent throughout history

Sex has always been transactional to some extent throughout history. If you want to call it patriarchy, then do so, but remember that it is NOT a system of oppression as feminist theory would have you believe. It is an economic arrangement based on the biological facts that men are physically stronger than women, but cannot have children themselves.
(Remark: it's normaly that in the nature everywhere two sexes were formed during the evolution, which were significantly different in their physical abilities. Obviously, this may be due to the fact that when the offspring is being produced an animal is especially vulnerable and unable to procure the necessary amount of food. The stronger sex was required for protection from enemies and for livelihood delivering while gestation and offspring grow.)

"Patriarchy" in exchange for mating privileges

"Patriarchy" is merely the arrangement that the man will protect and provide in exchange for mating privileges. And how well you did was based on what you brought to the table. If the men had status and could provide more resources, he had a better selection of women. If not, it was unlikely he would reproduce. If a woman was young and attractive (indicators of reproductive health), she would have a better selection of men to choose from. If not, she could still probably snag a lower value male. And believe it or not, this benefited women more than men, at least in terms of reproductive success. Until the last few centuries, 80% or women left children behind. However, only 40% of men did. Either they died young or did not have the means to support a wife (or wives) and children and were poor prospects (Michael Donelan's).

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